Japan is a popular tourist destination that attracts a large number of travelers every year. It has a rich culture, flourishing history, a lively atmosphere and numerous options for fun and entertainment- all making it an absolutely delightful tourist spot. There are so many big and small towns and cities, villages and communities within Japan that together make up the vibrant traveler experience. Everyone takes a holiday for a different reason; for some it’s a walk down history, for some it’s a taste of culture and for some it’s an occasion to unwind and have a good time! Whatever the reason may be the common foundation of a holiday is all about making memories that last a lifetime!

Shopping is a big aspect of every holiday. Whether it’s shopping for souvenirs, gifts, personal items or things that a place is famous for; shopping is a must on every travelers list! If you are planning a holiday to the wonderful city of Tokyo, Japan, here’s shopper’s guide to get you started.

  • Shinjuku

This is one of the largest shopping and entertainment district that offers a wide range of shopping options. From department stores to the latest electronics and lines of boutique shops and shopping arcades- it has it all and more!

Shopping in Tokyo

  • Shibuya

If you want to pick some of the best fashion items that’s the place to be! You can buy the latest of fashion trends and designer brands all competing to attract shoppers and offer wonderful deals and items to delight a shopaholic.

Shopping in Shibuya

  • Ginza

Boutiques, art galleries, designer brands, high end department stores and anything and everything you need is all under one roof! You can buy the best of technology and the best of fashion wear all around each other creating a lively shopping environment.

Shopping in Ginza

  • Nihonbashi

An absolute must visit! This is a great historic merchant district that offers the best of traditional goods and the local foods. You can get a peek into the traditional items and get some for your keepsake.

Shopping in Nihonbashi